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tv   Headline News  RT  June 23, 2014 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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to have you with us during our teacher day on research are. coming up on our tear rocks military forces continue to struggle in the face of growing isis control inside the country r.t. has a crew in iraq for an on the ground report on the violence in the war torn country . and in eastern ukraine anti kiev activists have agreed to a cease fire this is after months of clashes in a divided ukraine more on that coming up. and a new study links the rate of autism with pesticide families living near a certain california farm is seen an increase in autism within their children a look at the new study later in the show.
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it's monday june twenty third eight pm in washington d.c. i'm a military man you're watching r t america u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in baghdad today where he met with iraqi officials as the isis militants continue their push into baghdad despite that secretary kerry says that president obama has prepared a range of options for iraq in cairo before traveling to iraq kerry had this to say about the present state of both libya and iraq the united states of america is not responsible for what happened in libya nor is it responsible for what's happening in iraq today the united states shed blood and worked hard for years to provide the iraqis the opportunity to have their own governments. meanwhile back stateside senator rand paul is weighing in on the subject they can tuckey senator feels that
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the u.s. has turned parts of the middle east into quote a g. hottest wonderland take a listen we went into libya we got rid of that terrible could offer you know it's a jihad it's wonderland over there is shot it's everywhere if we were to get rid of assad it would be a jihad is wonderland in syria it's now a jihadist wonderland in iraq because we got overinvolved now he was referencing the overthrow of moammar gadhafi in libya while both political parties point fingers at each other for the mess that is our iraq policy new poll numbers show that president obama's disapproval numbers numbers are now equal to that of former president george w. bush whose own iraq policies caused much controversy among the american people according to a c.n.n. o.r.c. poll this marks the first time that a majority of americans have an unfavorable view of obama artie's lucy kabanov is
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in iraq and she is one of the few reporters traveling outside of the green zone in baghdad here's her report on the unrest engulfing the country. the march on baghdad for now on hold instead of just hottest fighters tech until grip on western iraq this weekend's gains three border crossings into syria and jordan and for nearby towns territory now for only in the hands of insurgents from the islamic state in iraq and syria. despite the chaos spreading across the country and eerie calm in the kurdish capital the city is just sixty kilometers from the isis front line but it downtown erbil it was business as usual kurdistan has often felt like a separate country altogether even at the height of iraq's most violence and bloodiest moments now but the current crisis treading the country to pieces it's closer than ever to becoming one kurdish soldiers are now in control of territory
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that used to be disputed but no one here seems to think that just harvest would dare march on them but i have full faith in the forty's we won let's anything happen. for some the prospect of a divided iraq was a welcome one do you think that iraq will remain of one country as we know what's happening this crisis may be it may be that iraq will have to be divided will have area and the sunnis and shias will have there is no one in kurdistan is more and we have oil we have a strong army that. they may help or oil but fuel is running scares for days now iraqi forces battled with isis for control of the country's largest oil refinery this is one of the first things you notice here in our build these massive gas lines some of the cars have been here for hours since the morning many people in fact camped out overnight to try to get online so they can get gas frustrated residents line up to get their share authorities have limited each
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individual to thirty leaders that's less than what it takes to for. two tanks. were seen entering their newly purchased supply in two containers in order to go back for more it's a very unusual situation where it's kurdish police officers guarding the gas stations here to prevent fights and conflicts and breaking out the people we've spoken to said there haven't been lines like this before you'll see the outbreak of the u.s. led invasion back in two thousand and three and although there are shortages here in arbil parts of northern iraq have run out of gas even on the black market so people are stocking up they say that they don't know what the ring the fear is that if they get a lot of words before it gets better. that's a sentiment we heard from many here this man fled the sunni dominated and our province it's not ice is that he was afraid of that are going to get that left saluja because we're scared of shelling from the iraqi army. is and it's not just
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a nice fleeing the violence we encountered shia refugees to talk till gonzi job or came here six days ago from baghdad and in baghdad the situation has gone from bad to worse as and people are arming themselves in getting ready to fight one another they are still all they see in the future is bloodshed and violence if something doesn't change iraq will be a country of orphans and what all of. caffein of erbil iraq. and with all eyes on iraq and the u.s. military advisers that are en route isis has taken to you tube to fill their ranks with some unexpected places one of those being the united states in a highly stylized recruitment video called there is no life without jihad led by abu tada al yemeni reportedly a british citizen isis states that they have brothers and joining their cause from all over the globe to be beauty it has since removes isis recruitment video but has
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anything else on the internet it's out there and plenty of people have reposed it on earlier i was joined by. i r t correspondent sara firth from our london bureau i first asked her how effective the video has been in recruiting fighters from abroad who go on the role of the home video it's a professional piece of propaganda the can hear these british accents is filmed in syria but you can hear the fight is saying that they'll be taking the lights to iraq and now we seem this tactic from isis social media sites being this is nothing new but i think the extent to which isis has been successful with their use of the social media campaigns and with videos like this has really been what's called the attention now i think it's important to remember that all day isis is hit the headlines in the past couple of weeks they haven't come from nowhere this is a group that has been operating for a long while now and it's important we remember that when we're talking about
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foreign fighters in particular in the success that they've had recruiting westerners and from here british people who've gone suffice abroad because we've seen people from britain traveling out to syria for the last couple of years is only been recently that we've really seen british security forces focus in on this issue and indeed it was only last week that the british government added isis to the list of prescribed terror groups so this is been going on for a while now isis hasn't come from nowhere and so i think it's important that we remember that in talking about the successes how right they are they're not brand new development but of course we have seen the message really hitting the mainstream absolutely now speaking of the british government and david cameron has echoed the sentiments of new york city's counterterrorism chief john miller in that they have fears that these recruits will come back and commit jihad at home has
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there been any evidence of this happening is this a valid fear or will this is the real concern internationally. there of blowback once a store and buy to return home we've already seen threats emerging on social media from some of these groups yes those threats of very relieved got to look at the scale of foreign fighters that have gone to syria now potentially some of them crossing over to iraq is thought of around twelve thousand burnt biters around three thousand of those thoughts to be from europe and here the u.k. government estimate at the moment putting the number of people who've gone to fight in syria four hundred although there's lots of speculation that the real figure in fact could be much higher than that as well so there is real concern here about what will happen if when these people return and we spoke to a counterterrorism expert in the head the other day and he said look this is another important distinction to make not everyone who has gone to syria has gone
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to fight and equally not everyone coming back he's been fighting in syria and potentially iraq is going to be a terrorist or pose the same level of terror threat that. he thought it was that small percentages of small percentages big given that the numbers of foreign fighters that have gone across to this conflict a slave big of course a small percentage is actually depot is a very significant threat and it's going to be a massive task for the security forces not just in britain but internationally to really focus in and ensure that no one slips through the net because of course what all the governments know is that it only takes one person to carry out a significant terror attack and you know the level of damage can be absolutely must said that's what they're going to want to avoid and that is going to be what preserve a real challenge now earlier you mentioned that isis has been very prolific in their use of social media can you tell us a little bit more about this isis p.r.
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push as it appears and their use of social media what else are they doing as he said i mean the use of social media by extremist. it is nothing new but we have seen isis have huge success with their campaign and i think really at the heart of that success is that they've been able to take their message mainstream and you look at the images and the video is that isis has put out a really horrifying images of some of the alleged attacks that they've been carrying out but yet they've managed to strike a chord with the mainstream audience we've seen a lot of pro isis supports online and i think that's really a cause for concern because it is targeting these young people it's having an impact on these young people disenchanted people in the west and say that really is a cause for concern and it's what counterterrorism experts are saying here is that we now really need to focus on the counter narratives especially in the west to counter that message to counter that success that isis has had online now it
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appears that this time al yemeni he's become the face of this western recruiting effort can you tell us a little bit about who he is what's his appeal i mean apart from being young and of course the other men that are in the recruiting video all just as young can you tell us a little bit about. yemenis appeal well this is the young student from cardiff he's been identified as one of the speakers in that video. yes i mean it's incredibly disturbing to watch that obviously you have got a very young british national he's a there now he's getting that message aiming that people back in the west calling on them to come and join in the fight you know the heart of this is isis one thing to establish an islamic caliphate this isn't just folks from syria or iraq they're saying that is just the beginning and we've heard this message repeatedly in a lot of the videos that are out there that are especially focusing on the west
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today they're saying to the young people back here leave your cars leave your money leave your women. you know come and join this holy wars they think that the fighting it's really disturbing because of course that is having its targeting that this incheon to people back here in the west people who are young who of course will be confused about that is the identity that was artie's sara firth from our london studio with a so many armed conflicts stretched out across the globe a shocking new report from the united nations is shedding some light on the human cost of war according to the united nations high commissioner for refugees there are over fifty million refugees across the globe the last time the world has seen this many displaced persons was during world war two artes policy clear has more on this astonishing report. the united nations high commissioner for refugees report
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says at that refutes the figures have passed the fifty million mark for the first time since the second world war now the exact figure stands at some fifty one point two million refugees a sign of seekers and internally displaced people what this means is that if they had their own country this would be the twenty fourth most populous country in the world and if we unpack those figures even further it is a figure of thirty two thousand two hundred people who are being forced to flee their homes each and every day now this experimental rise has resulted in host countries and aids organizations being stretched to breaking point the increase since two thousand and twelve is largely because of the syrian crisis here we've seen two point five million syrians who have been forced to flee across the border and an additional six and a half million syrians who are internally displaced aside from syria you also have countries like afghanistan and somalia these three countries together account for
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hoffa the total number of refugees and internally displaced people now the reasons why the situation has arisen of are of course numerous people are fleeing because of the water situation because of food insecurity because of climate change population growth urbanization water scarcity and oftentimes these reasons feed off one another the main host countries are pakistan iran lebanon jordan and turkey but the problem is that these host countries and humanitarian organizations are having a tough time keeping up with the influx of refugees humanitarian organizations are not a long term solution they are there only to help the refugees as much as they can in the interim and as this report outlines the long term solution needs to be a political one now the most vulnerable of the refugees are of course the children but what is particularly. i mean is that more than hoffa briefly cheez our children
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they often travel alone or even groups and they risk forming into the clutches of people traffickers the united states at this huge number of refugees has implications for both foreign aid budgets in donations and the absorption and hosting capacities of countries on the frontlines of the refugee crisis as the high commission of refugees himself stated what we are seeing here is the e-mails costs of not ending wars or failing to resolve or prevent conflict that was artie's policy we're. now to a major release by the us government on its largely secretive drone program the united states court of appeals for the second circuit released a memo today that lays out the legal justification for the use of u.s. drones to kill american citizens overseas in the long awaited drone memo concerning anwar al a lockie a u.s. citizen killed in two thousand and eleven by a us drone strike in yemen the united states claims that he was an al qaeda
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operative planning attacks on the u.s. in justifying his killing the memo reads we do not believe that al hakim is u.s. citizenship imposes constitutional limitations that would preclude the contemplated lethal action by us based on the facts from the department of defense the cia and the intelligence community the new memo indicates that the us military and cia had planned to capture alah locky but said it would not be feasible at that time it also acknowledges that while a strike deprives a u.s. citizen of standard due process the imminent threat of violence to other americans overwhelms that right and redacted from the forty one page long memo was an explanation into how the strikes would not violate the fourth amendment. while al locky is allegedly the only american targeted by the u.s. three other u.s.
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citizens have been killed by u.s. drones in yemen one of those being allocca is teenage son. now to the crisis in ukraine could there finally be an end in sight the leader of the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic in eastern ukraine has agreed to a cease fire in the region until friday the ceasefire comes with one condition though key of forces must also stop the fighting artie's roman kosar of has more. no guns or artillery fire this time around and yes indeed the anti-government activists donetsk people's republic people's republic have agreed to a cease fire which will last until it's when t seven. o'clock in the morning in fact the sides are hoping to continue a dialogue continue consult. the government side they have asked for a complete stop of all movements all for ukrainian government forces around ukraine
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they're also said they're working on a free the always see reps here in eastern ukraine they are hoping this four day breather will give them a chance to do that course this is all good news for the locals in the. areas who have been heavily bombarded by the ukrainian army over the last few weeks this will give them a chance to tend to the wounded bury their dead and of course get food and water supplies into a badly devastated region meanwhile we've heard that at least forty children have died as a result have been killed as a result of this conflict some were killed. some were killed as a result of. gunfire now according to it's hard to say whether this particular cease fire right now with stick because we've heard from a. governor. who said he's not going to listen.
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and he said i'd say he will continue his hired guns until it is over now the east of ukraine is certainly heading for a humanitarian catastrophe we have no drinking water there right now local officials are saying that the region is heading for an epidemic meanwhile the activists and anti-government activists seeing the latest moves as a good sign and of course. it would hold the spoiler will actually stick around that was our tease roman coast. and in new york city activists today spoke out at the hearings of dozens of people swept up in a massive military style police raid earlier this month that generated criticism as a police abuse of power in the early morning of june fourth over four hundred officers formed the manhattanville and general grant housing projects in harlem
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dozens of people were arrested and over one hundred of them indicted the recess and why p.d. strategy has been to use the mass collection of information like phone calls facebook posts and surveillance video to piece together charges of conspiracy now in theory this helps police wrap up many crimes and the people all involved in one go but critics say the lack of hard evidence like the weapons and the reliance of facebook posts or phone calls to create criminal associations marks people as criminals for just being a part of their neighborhood in a press they're charging everybody with the kinds of a couple of people and that it's not it's like you're guilty by association because i grew up with this person or i grew up with this person and i speak to this person and i mean that's just personal facebook and i spoke to the personal facebook i'm guilty and i don't want to stand out over this is a bunch of third party association and you're guilty because this is the
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neighborhood that you're from the first black people together it's ok. but black i gather that it's not fair. in a press conference about the raids police can pick commissioner bill bratton said that if you choose this lifestyle you will suffer the same fate as these individuals the activists at the hearing today say that this fails to address wider issues. children did not choose to grow up in neighborhoods that have been stripped of legitimate ways to find jobs survive and raise families this system created. and the purpose of the raid was to put an end to a purported gang feud in that area which at one point back in two thousand and eleven involved the murder of a nationally ranked high school basketball player tayshaun a murphy she was just eighteen years old and it's a health subject that in recent years has garnered very much support and
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a lot of speculation but still leaves so much to be researched autism is a major concern for would be and new moms celebrities like jenny mccarthy whose own young son suffers from the disorder have gone on the record touting some very questionable research and conclusions on the subject many people within the health community have weighed in on the autism subject but medical research is still under way a new study links autism to pesticide exposure throw i was joined earlier by the leader of the study dr jamie shelton of the university of california davis i first asked dr shelton what prompted her to look into this possible connection. you know our study is not the first one to look at this connection there were two studies published in two thousand and seven also in the california central bag looking at about autism with regard to pesticide exposure and so we were really following up with a case control study that we had in northern california to see if we also saw similar
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associations that ours is not the first actually so what made you decide to look further into it was it just jumping off of some other reports that you've already followed up on you know and then the problem i think with the scientific. approach to these issues is that there's no single study of that kind that can identify you know what is the cause of autism we need we need an accumulation of research we need to see many studies and different population that all suggest a similar thing and look at you know more thorough populations and do better research and improve on previous previous research so. for example in some of the previous studies cases were only diagnosed through the california state regional centers where as in our study they were given a secondary confirmatory diagnosis that the mind and the team in sacramento california so we have we have some strengths to our study that we felt would
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contribute more to the literature and now as you mentioned some previous research has shown a link between developmental disability and exposure to pesticides and while it's important here to say that your study doesn't conclude per se that pesticides cause autism how does your research build on what's already been studied. well our research looks at a much more well defined case population so i'll give you an example in a previous study that showed an association that cases were identified by asking parents about some of the symptoms of their children behavior and so within within the community of diagnostician that would not be considered as rigorous a diagnosis as going in and doing all of the clinical testing which which is required to receive a confirmation of autism so for our for our study we had a much more rigorously defined case population done that in the previous study so
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that in and of itself is an improvement because we know that we're looking at children who really between ages of two and five definitely have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder so we're really narrowing down the populations of that subset that was dr janey shelton epidemiologist and researcher at the university of california davis all that doesn't for now you can follow me on twitter at manila chan have a great night i'm abbie martin write the stories we cover here you're not going to hear anywhere so i have to admire the reason they don't want you to know that i have. read that. let's break the set.
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number of freedom industries the company responsible for the january chemical leak that contaminated drinking water for three hundred thousand people across west virginia everyone in the media was all over the story vilifying freedom and calling for their head that the news media acted like they actually cared to a few months later and everyone seems to have forgotten about freedom industries but guess what they just spilled again twice in two days at the site where they're supposed to be cleaning up their mass they have a collection ditch her rainwater that overflowed for two straight days which sent runoff right back into the elk river again putting thousands of residents drinking water at risk for toxic contaminants but this time news media is m.i.a. not only is freedom industries doing
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a sub par job of cleaning up their mess they're paying contractors big money to do it and here's the thing about that there are lots of people that were harmed by this bill and are seeking compensation there are people with lost wage claims out of pocket expenses for medical treatment and other business claims by people who sustained losses from the spill and the more money that freedom spends on their cleanup the less money they'll have to pay back all the people they harmed freedom also wanted to spend more money to hire a bankruptcy consulting firm to act as a claims agent who'd help them deal with the claims against them in advance the legal way. but a judge in the bankruptcy case. that request telling freedom to use the much more affordable choice of a court appointed lawyer so where is the media coverage of all that it also freedoms bankruptcy filing might make it look like they're taking responsibility but a new chemical company called lexicon was recently registered as
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a business and it has the same addresses phone numbers and executives as freedom their mission statements are almost word for word exactly the same lexicon also made public their intention to buy freedom's buildings when they come out of bankruptcy in other words there's overwhelming evidence to suggest that freedom plans and continuing to do business just under a different name they file for bankruptcy to cut their losses they've money and fame taking responsibility but in the end they're just going to continue doing the same crap that they've been doing so freedom industries continues to screw over west virginia and the media coverage just doesn't exist so not only did freedoms bill chemicals all over the place their story build the beans on the truth that much of the new three d. a cares more about following hot trend than it does.